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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Jerry Won, I am a Biomedical communicator based in Toronto, Canada.

I specialize in translating complex scientific & medical information into clear and accurate visualizations to enlighten students, patients, doctors, and researchers. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me a message below.

Thank you for visiting!

Photoshop, % 90
Illustrator, % 93
After effects, % 95
Audition, % 85
Premiere Pro, % 80
InDesign, % 80
Maya, % 85
Cinema 4D, % 80
Traditional media, % 95
HMTL / CSS, % 80



Motion Graphic

3D Animation

Information visualization

web design

graphic design

Latest updates Project description

From Microscopy to Nanoscopy: Seeing inside the synapse
24 July
Finished Master's Research Project 3D animation
Neuron Growth: Shot Breakdown
1 May
Example of post-processing
MRP Shot Compilation
1 May
Overview of the previous shots
1 May
Simulating neuron growth
Experimental shot: Lipid bilayer
18 March
Simulating the cell membrane under aqueous environment.
Second Animatic
10 March
Second animatic focusing on improving the pacing and the alignment of the narration with the visual elements.
Experimental shot: Fluorophores
23 February
Excitation beam, glow shader, and camera movement test to show the excitation and the emission of the fluorophores.
Experimental shot: Dendrites
26 January
Exploring various lighting and shading techniques to achieve an under water effect to show floating dendrites.
Frist Animatic
10 December
The 2D animatic was created to examine the cohesiveness and the flow of the script with the visuals. Key movements in the scenes were animated to see how precisely they line up with the narration.
Storyboard / Colourscript
7 November
A storyboard was created to graphically organize key shots with the narration to facilitate the understanding of the information. The colourscript was then generated to establish the mood, lighting, and visual hierarchy of the environment.
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Toronto, ON, Canada
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